Agile Transformation


I was at a customer site today and the customer was having issues with “Agile Transformation” and how to open their department’s eyes to this process, not only their department but the rest of their Organisation.

The concern was about how to convince people to try something new and move away from the normal waterfall approach. It is very interesting to see how people are afraid of the unknown and doing something new. For me you can’t get an organisation to change without proof. You need an initial, maybe small, project where you can actual show people what the differences are and how this works compared to the old approach. When you can show that changes aren’t going to cost anything, that their are demo’s so you can see how the project is going at regular intervals. That the stakeholders and users have a say in what is being delivered rather than just being told this is the software to use.

If you are having similar issues or just need a steer at how to encourage people to try something new I’d recommend reading this as it’s a good little insight. The other thing I do is not use words such as ‘agile’, ‘scrum’, ‘kanban’… These words don’t put a customer at ease, it can be like you’re part of a cult and they have no idea what you are talking about. People want to see something in action, once they think it is the right thing then they may want to know a bit of background about it. Show and then tell.