Behavioural Design – Gamifiers

I’m looking into how to engage users to use the ‘thing’ you have designed for them. Hence I thought I’d pop into the Gamifiers meeting at the Google building sponsored by Leaderboarded and Dice Holdings. This is a slightly different way of running a meeting as they have several talks with people giving updates and a CEO from a company come and tell you about how and why they have made the choices they did for their company.

There were several speakers. It was highlighted that the Gamification 2013 conference was coming up.
This highlighted that IBM have linked up with Badgeville as to probably increase their gamification offerings.
The next talk was by Phil Wride, who used to run the online community for FIFA. I can imaging this job would keep anyone busy! He made an interesting point the a Facebook Page is an audience, but a forum is a community. It’s true, it doesn’t matter how many people ‘like’ you or your product. If they don’t talk about you or to you then they are not engaged with your offerings.
The CEO of Bizify, Fergie Miller was interviewed and asked how he got his users to ‘stick’. It’s a good idea for having a section in the meeting dedicated to startups but I would have loved to see the site and have Fergie walk us through his decisions.
The last talk was bu Dr Anne Hsu who talked about designing for behavioural change. It was very interesting that the reward path has been proven but I suppose no eureka moments for me in the talk.
It was an interesting meeting, I’m not sure why it’s 9-10.30 in the morning as this does reduce how many people can make it and most people need to run off afterwards. I would have love to see more demos and what incentives worked and what really didn’t. I hope these will start happening in the next meetings.