Quality, what is it, and how do we get there – Paul Massey @Bluefruit

Bluefruit work on embedded software for various companies including Dyson. Paul learnt most of his agile knowledge from the book Lean software development  by Mary and Tom Poppendieck.

What does quality mean to people? Can you categorise these meanings? Lack of quality could be due to code, requirements or user expectation.


Paul believes that quality has to be an integral part of a project, part of the iron triangle, so it is not only time, cost and scope. By putting quality first the Paul feels that the project will be delivered more successfully.

When projects get difficult quality should not be compromised as this will cause the project to run more late and probably not deliver up to the required expectations.


This is the model that Paul believes ensures that quality is embedded into the projects that Bluefruit work on.


Paul wants the user experience to be slick and that whatever Bluefruit makes has both perceived and conceptual quality.


They use BDD and TDD to ensure they are not only building the right thing, but they are building it right.


What they build must be scalable, habitable and maintainable.
Paul strongly believes that quality pays and this is a Strategic goal (overall goal) not a just a tactical goal (how to get there).


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