How to be an Agile Coach

It was a London Agile Discussion titled “So you want to be an agile coach? Well, what is it and how do you become one?”

We split into 3 teams and the first exercise we did was to write on post notes everything we thought an Agile Coach did and the characteristics they would need to perform this role. Then we reviewed the things we had written down and had to put C (coach), S (scrum master) or both on each post it note if we thought this was a role that the Scrum Master may also do. Do both these roles do a similar thing and need the same characteristics to do well? Is an Agile Coach just doing the Scrum Master role but just on a bigger level?

IMG_0058From this we were given categories to sort the cards into which were meant to be the different types of Agile Coaches, including guide, cheerleader, guardian of quality and performance, servant, shepherd, bull-dozer or others. These choices came from the book by Lyssa Adkins. This caused a few interesting conversations depending on how the person imagined each category type to be like.
IMG_0061Then all teams came together to present what they had done, making one main post it note sorting result. If the individual groups had differences with where certain post its should go this was now amplified but discussed to a consensus.
IMG_0063It was a very interesting meetup as for me I feel there are a lot of Agile Coaches but maybe doing slightly different roles. It got me wondering would it be better if someone was a coach first and then moved into agile? Is the real need coaching or is it more counselling? 

Very interesting discussions and a good night.

2 thoughts on “How to be an Agile Coach

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