Agile Talks and Conferences

There are a lot of Agile Conferences that happen throughout the year. If you are interested in finding out what is going on this site is quite useful.

The good thing is most places are recording the talks, so if there is no budget you can still watch and learn. You do miss the discussions that arose from the talk afterwards but it does allow you to hear the latest ideas being promoted. Agile on the Beach in Cornwall has just happened and the videos and presentations are up. There was a good mix of agile for developers and agile for the business.

Coming up in London is the Business Analysis Conference 2013 with a few more talks on Agile for a Business Analyst including one of the Agile Practitioner Organisers, Christian Heldstab, talking about 10 Things a BA Should Know About Agile.

Another place for good talks is Skills Matter who have courses and some free evening talks, which are recoded as well in case you can’t make it.

This year I went to Sync Conference, which for next year will be in October where there was an agile stream and a technical stream. It’s only a day but there were a good crowd there and you table hop at dinner which allows you to speak to most people there.  The talks can be found here.

Sometimes I think there may be a bit too much information out there! Though this way you have no reason to stop learning.


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