Why Violence is Relevant to Coaching in Knowledge Work

The talk was about nonviolence and nonviolent communication to improving your coaching relationships and outcomes in the workplace. If you haven’t seen Bob Marshall (@flowchainsensei) present I would definitely recommend it as he tries to highlight matters than will get a discussion brewing and he uses cartoons in his powerpoint slides which is entertaining!

Bob mentions that he starts his coaching sessions with actually stating that he is going to use non violent communications. To me I think if I started with this comment the team would wonder how I’d normally be if I wasn’t using the technique! The principles behind the practice were interesting as it teaches that you need to take a step back from everyone else and not be affected by what they do and don’t do. That you let them get on with things and it is their choice if they want to participate in the overall goal. I suppose it’s taking the idea of self organising teams to the extreme.

I like the idea of letting the team member empower himself but unless there is a reason for them to want the same end goal I think something needs to be done to keep things moving forward.

To find out more about Bob Marshall and his ideas click here. I will add the slides as soon as I get them.



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